Epidemic Pre-Order Available (Hardback) Release Date 10/30/24


John a well-known OB-GYN with a dark past. He knows everybody that is somebody. A fertility specialist with a bright future at UMC Hospital. Still, the pain and heartache he hides daily are starting to spill over into his work.

His mother failed to protect him from a predator she called a boyfriend, and now John lives with the scares he left behind. His only enjoyment is reaping his revenge on all women.

John hated women with a passion. But when he invades the wrong woman, her husband will not rest until he has his own revenge. But will it all be too late?

The EPIDEMIC that John has started is already out of control?

Find out what happens when one man’s mental state is so out of control that he doesn’t realize the EPIDEMIC he has started until it is too late…