Love Murder and Revenge


Old Lover New Regrets
Cedric never thought it was possible to love two women. The past couple of months have sent his life into a tailspin now everything that he thought he knew he now questions it. Will he finally find out the real meaning of being in love, and if he does will it be too late.

Markesha never thought her marriage would end up in a love triangle. It has brought a side out of her that she didn’t even realize was possible. This new woman that she becomes is explosive. What started out as revenge has turned into a triangle of Love, Lust and Lies!

Dana sat in the jail cell wondering how in the hell did she get herself in this predicament she never thought she would find herself in this kind of situation especially with a married man. Now she is thinking Old Lover New Regrets…
Some Shit Is Better Left In The Past...

One Night Stand
When Sharon becomes fed up with being last on her husband list, she takes matters into her own hands not knowing that taking matters into her own hands may leave her life in shambles.

Murder of The Mind
Alexandria is happily married with one son her life is turned upside down with the death of her grandfather. Alexandria was raised by her grandfather.
Exactly six months to the day of her grandfather’s death he comes to visit her at first, she was scared then she was so happy to see his face again she was so lost without him.
Alexandria was happy to see her deceased grandfather until he reveals the reason, he has return to visit her, all those questions about her mother, her grandmother and the rest of their family is answered, and she is blown away, but nothing compares to what he ask her to do for him it leaves her questioning her sanity... Is this Murder or Murder of The Mind…?