Too Good To Be True


Jasmine Simmons has finally made it. Through all of her misfortunate’s, she has a full scholarship to University of Duke School of Law. However, will Jasmine’s dark secret jeopardize everything she has worked so hard for? As Jasmine’s final semester winds down, she decides to celebrate. Her best friend Ally decides to take her to the NCO club to have a good time...the last place Jasmine wants to be.

Emmanuel McBride career had finally taken off becoming a professor at Duke University.

Malcolm, Emmanuel’s best friend was tired of Emmanuel being down in the dumps and knew just the thing to get him going a trip to the NCO club.

While hanging at the NCO club, Emmanuel was wishing he was any place else but…until he sees the most breathe taking image ever, Jasmine.

After hearing the commotion from the ladies in the club, Jasmine turns and locks eyes with the most sinful sexy dark chocolate brother she’s ever seen. So turned on, Jasmine felt parts of her body betraying her in the worst way. She has never felt anything like this before considering she hated the sight of men.

Emmanuel had to meet this beauty but upon introducing himself Jasmine turned him down cold even he was shocked. Jasmine had no time or patience for men.

A month after being shot down by Jasmine, Emmanuel couldn’t get the beautiful goddess off his mind. Jasmine turned Emmanuel down at the club but started to think about the ‘what if’s’ and couldn’t think of nothing else.

A chance meeting a month later causes the two to realize that they have more in common than they realize. So much in common that they become instant friends.

Lost in his passion for Jasmine, Emmanuel didn’t realize that someone from his past was coming to turn his world upside down.

Will Emmanuel convince Jasmine to let her guard down and give love a try or will lies, past lovers and a misguided friend cause them to lose it all or could this be a love…. TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE